Why Use All My Music as Your Music Organizer?

Are you a music fan? Is your music collection so large that you're dreaming of having a separate room for your CDs only? Then you definitely need a dependable music organizer! There's one you'll fall in love with at the very first sight - All My Music! Have a closer look at this brand-new music organizer!

Sure, the opportunities this music organizer offers and that nice set of options will hardly leave you indifferent. Look, you add all music files automatically using popular online databases or barcode scanner - no typing or manual searching is needed any more! All the details are going to be downloaded automatically, including cover arts! You can even just insert a CD and all the album details, track lists will be added just in seconds. As easy as ABC!

The best music organizer software I ever used!

Moreover, the music organizer allows you to make your music database personal - adjusted to your music and aesthetic taste. Using various skins and view modes, as well as personal marks and ratings will help you feel very comfortable and to make your music database look just gorgeous! Catalog all types of music files available and forget the mess you probably have now in your loved music collection - all your CDs will be in a perfect order ever! You can browse your collection in the way you like it - in the form of tracks list or by album covers. Isn't that a dream come true?

The music organizer is also happy to offer a wide range of sorting and grouping options to music lovers. Any time any moment you can sort or group your collection by Artist, Genre, Release Year, Purchase Date, etc and filter your music collection in seconds. Could you ever dream about it without the music organizer?

All My Music is just a real catch for music fans whose music collections have more than several thousand tracks! No matter how large your music collection is, using this music organizer you will be able to search files very quickly using any criterion or several of them at a time! For you to feel even more flexible, the music organizer offers various export and import options which will help you quickly share your music collection with friends and transfer to different programs.

If you've got a habit of exchanging CDs with friends and then tend to forget about it, the music organizer loan manager is going to help you. It thoroughly keeps track of all CDs you've got, so, the automatic reminder won't allow you to lose a single CD and waste your money.

All My Music is a really flexible tool for your music collection - the music organizer offers you a 30-day trial period. Don't hesitate and download it right now!